Our Property Management Program

Diligent Placement

Our marketing program is the best in the Jacksonville area.

Promotional efforts include intensive marketing on many national rental web sites, on-site signs, the Multiple List Service (MLS) and our Florida Coastal web site.  We receive many inquiries soon after marketing begins.

We have an impressive track record in placing quality residents.

We attribute this success to our extensive marketing efforts, screening process and commitment to exceptional service. We believe the most important part of professional property management is finding a quality resident for your home.

When a potential resident is found, we conduct an extensive screening process. This process includes credit checks, national background checks, employment verification and a check of prior landlord references. After approval, we orient new residents, execute leases, process documents and get the new resident into the home.

Professional Management

The manager provides an “arms length” relationship between owner and resident. Property managers collect rents, deal with resident issues, periodically inspect the property and address maintenance/repair issues. We utilize proven business practices in the management of your home. In addition to the routine management of your home we are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

By maintaining excellent relationships with our residents and diligently caring for your property, we avoid most potential problems. Residents are informed of their responsibilities regarding your property and their lease.
If there is a problem, whether it is collecting rents or settling resident disputes, we will handle the situation appropriately. We are knowledgeable in the State Landlord/Tenant Act and all the legal and contractual issues involved in renting property. If necessary, we are prepared to make a court appearance.

Managing Your Property Includes:

  • Collect All Rents
  • Late Rent Notices
  • Repair Oversight
  • Early Lease Terminations
  • Monthly Accounting
  • 24-Hour Emergency Line
  • Insufficient Funds Payments
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Unauthorized Pets
  • All Charges Verified
  • Regular Inspections
  • Evictions
  • Neighbor/HOA Complaints

Quality Maintenance

We work with reliable maintenance personnel. Property managers supervise necessary home maintenance. The actual maintenance expenses for the home are the responsibility of the homeowner. Every effort is made to control maintenance costs while maintaining the integrity and value of the property. Problem reports are verified to eliminate unnecessary service calls. Maintenance that is the resident’s responsibility or fault is billed to the resident. Maintenance and contractors are not paid until all work is satisfactorily completed.

Monthly Financial Reporting

Our bookkeeping staff will provide you with month end statements for your rental income and expenses. Year end 1099’s and an annual statement will also be provided.

We can handle all your accounting and payment requirements. Rent proceeds are processed by the 10th of the month. Proceeds are either directly deposited in your account or mailed to you each month.

Management Fees

Our fees are very competitive. Please use the information provided on this web site to contact us for more information.

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